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Derbies have long been the symbol of masculine elegance when it comes to shoes. Their form goes particularly well to men having strong kick. They are considered slightly less dressed than the Richelieu. They will combine wonderfully with light trousers and will be worn on brown tones and accompanied by a velvet jacket. It should be known that the Derbies will give you a very elegant style, so book them for occasions where the distinction will be required.

Derby Features

The Derbies are rather low shoes, quite close, the only difference is the laces. The laces Derbies are located on the inserts, which allow, unlike the Air Jordan, open lacing. In fact, the parts on the sides of the shoe have been sewn on the front parts of the shoe. In leather, they will rhyme with luxury and elegance. With the air jordan sale the deals are perfect now.


Other brands Derbies are considered as real luxury shoes. All major brands offer you various models, the vast majority of them is leather and in colors rather sober. Clarks, Armani, or John Spencer make pairs of qualities, being comfortable and elegant. Conclusion The Derbies are therefore the representation of high-end elegance, although they are a little less chic than the Richelieu. They are found mostly at the feet of dandies who prefer to choose as shoes of cities. However, their retro side also seduces mundane men.

We must not forget that there are both women’s derbies and men’s derbies. You can buy your derby and brogue shoes either online or in specialized shops.

The different models of lady’s shoes

The summer shoes are made of wedge-shaped wedge sandals, wedge sandals set with large faceted beads, and Lea fashion silver and black sandals. The ballerinas also have a multitude of models: – The leather and velvet ballerinas, with a floral print interior. Studded ballerinas with bi leather material. – Crochet ballerinas. – Patent ballerinas and point-toe ballerinas. For the winter, there are women’s boots that can be bought on the Internet at low prices.

Steps to follow for the purchase

We start by choosing the type of women’s shoes from the models given above. Then we go to the order at its specialized sites. Payment is made through Paypal or Allopass payment services or as requested by the seller and delivery is expected. It is important to know that payments made on Paypal and Allopass are more secure.

Price comparisons by brand

For sandals: Those of the Helvesko brand cost between € 95 and € 130. Those of the Eden brand have a price between 55 € and 85 €.